A 3D Artist currently working as a Look-Dev Artist at Bron Studios. Have three years of experience working as a illustrator and one year of graphic designer. Skillful at using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. Experienced with Unity 5 Engine, and Unreal Engine 4.

Work Experience

Look-Dev artist    2016 august - present
Bron Studios
•  Currently working on ‘Henchmen’

Associate lighter    2016 april - 2016 July
Electronic Arts
•  Assisted fixing lighting related bugs in in-game stadiums.
•  Helped creating VTAR for stadium glares and responsible for tuning the flares.  

Environment Artist     2015 July - DEC
Dash Punks
•  Created Environment Art Bible.
•  Designed and Created moodboards and environmental concept art in accordance to the Art Bible.
•  Modelled and textured over 150 low-poly hazards, pick-ups, modular walls and floor tiles and Set dress all 3 levels (3D assets) using Autodesk Maya.
•  Created shaders using Shader Forge, a visual scripting plugin for Unity 5.

2D Artist    2015 March - July
Artist Men of Attrition
• Designed and created all of the characters, pick-ups, hazards and background tiles (2D assets) using a combination of hand-drawn and digital painting with Adobe Photoshop.
•    Animated all of the characters using the Unity 5 Animator.
•    Designed and illustrated UI assets for the Heads Up Display, Front End menu, and Pause Menu.

Graphic Designer    2014  Jan - Dec
The Guidebook
•    Layout and advertisement design and cover/spot illustrations.
•    Managed and created images to help readers to understand story.
•    Great understanding of procedures for publication and keeping deadline.
•    Scheduled and posted articles on the official website and Facebook. 

Illustrator      2013 May - 2014 May
Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
•    Designed and created over 200 character illustrations for an online Spanish language course.
•    Regularly updated illustrations weekly and revised upon client request.

Concept Artist (contract)      2014 Feb - 2014 Mar
Archiact Interactive
• Illustrated black and white environment concept art.
• Colored 4 pre-existed monster characters.


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